Instructor Experience#

How will AG350 reduce instructor workloads?#

  1. Simplified infrastructure management: AG350 handles server management and maintenance. Additionally, we provide regular infrastructure and security updates as well as access to our continually developing machine learning platform.
  2. Frictionless classroom operations: We provide robust organizational tools that allow instructors to easily adapt our platform to any classroom structure. This includes support for sections, teaching assistants, and teams. Additionally, our deeply customizable assignment scoring policies can automatically account for extensions, excuses, and late submissions. Finally, our extensive analytics and machine learning platform provides real-time insights on class progress and can help instructors identify groups of students experiencing similar issues.
  3. Streamlined assignment creation: Our declarative assignment style makes it easy for instructors to write and modify assignments. AG350 also provides support for faculty members who wish to share or collaborate on assignments.

What support does AG350 provide for instructors?#

AG350 initially provides all faculty with a transition support team to optimize their course for AG350. After this onboarding process, faculty maintain access to an online help desk as well as a 24/7 emergency support line. AG350 also utilizes an enterprise-grade ticketing system that allows students to contact AG350 for technical assistance.

Student Experience#

How does AG350 enhance students’ classroom experience?#

AG350 evaluates assignments in real-time, providing students with rapid feedback that supports self-directed iterative learning. Additionally, our data analytics and machine learning infrastructure provide advanced features to help educators identify areas where students commonly struggle. We also take care to address common stressful student experiences: we provide students with a frictionless way to contact instructors and have integrated extension and wellness management tools.

How does AG350 accommodate students with accessibility requirements?#

Our platform is designed to accommodate students of all needs and is compliant with ARIA best practices. Our internal infrastructure runs automated quality checks to ensure continuing compliance with these standards. Furthermore, our team has leveraged our experiences as students and instructors to craft a frictionless user experience.